Philippine Expansion



In early 2011, PXC partnered with Manila’s TV5 'AKTV' channel, the latter's premier free-to-air sports channel. Owned by Filipino Tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan, AKTV and its sister companies are growing rapidly as the most aggressively innovative media companies in the Philippines.

PXC has experienced steady growth in both live attendance and television viewership. PXC 24 (June 2011) MEGA MANILA 127,967 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 187,603 Viewers PXC 26 (August 2011) MEGA MANILA 291,983 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 363,493 Viewers PXC 28 (November 2011) MEGA MANILA 313,375 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 404,566 Viewers PXC 29 (February 2012) MEGA MANILA 356,395 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 416,571 Viewers PXC 31 (July 2012) MEGA MANILA 367,059 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 461,804 Viewers PXC 33 (September 2012) MEGA MANILA 359,758 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 483,939 Viewers PXC 34 (November 2012) MEGA MANILA 481,881 Viewers ; TOTAL PHILIPPINES 667,218 Viewers

With its recent expansion into the Philippines, PXC will continue to promote the development of local and regional athletes by allowing them to compete among the best international fighting camps in a world-class setting.




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